About us

Our Story

The idea for Lifeshare was born from our collective frustration with the traditional approach to financial support after a tragedy. We grew tired of seeing urgent crowdfunding campaigns pop up to raise money for families after the death of a parent. We knew there had to be a better way to support these families.

Our Mission

Our mission at Lifeshare is simple:

To create a global community where members commit to supporting each other, ensuring that no family faces financial hardship alone.

We aim to provide a proactive and sustainable alternative to crowdfunding, bringing the time-tested principles of mutual aid into the digital age.

We have developed a digital platform that makes it easy for members to participate, contribute, and receive support.

How It Works

With Lifeshare, members only pay when someone in the community tragically passes away, under the age of 65. This pooled approach means that everyone shares the responsibility and the cost, providing a safety net for all.

Our platform ensures transparency, accountability, and ease of use, making it simple for members to know when and how they are supporting the community.

The program has been rigorously developed, vetted and approved by actuaries and insurance professionals to ensure its viability and sustainability.