As someone with financial security, we encourage you to consider sponsoring other needy families, a local institution, or soldiers in Israel (more information below).  


  • By covering the costs of membership and mutual-aid payments of a needy family or soldier, you are proactively contributing to the protection of others within the community.
  • The total estimated cost to provide someone with $250,000 of financial security is only about $250 per year ($25 membership + $32 x 7 or 8 mutual-aid payments). To provide $100,000, the estimated cost is less than $125 per year!

Supporting a Local Institution:

You have the ability to sponsor a specific school, yeshiva, institution or community organization. Upon completing the sponsorship, a Voucher Code with your sponsorships will be provided to the institution of your choice. This voucher will enable individuals to enroll in the LifeShare program at no cost to them.

Personal Sponsorship:

If there is a specific individual or family you want to sponsor, you can indicate their name, and they will be notified and provided a link to register themselves for no cost.

Sponsor a Soldier in Israel

Our IDF soldiers are on the front lines, leaving their spouses and children behind, to protect us, so we can live in security.

You can repay repay their sacrifice by sponsoring the membership of a soldier in the LifeShare community. This will provide their family with well-deserved  financial security,  BEFORE a tragedy occurs.

Click here to learn more or sponsor a soldier.