Suggest the Name of a Chayal

Welcome to LifeShare!

LifeShare is a global, online community where members commit to provide  financial support to each other in the event of a tragic loss of one of its members.  Supported by leading rabbis and organizations across the Jewish world, it is a new strategy to help families grapple with financial uncertainty at a time of loss.

LifeShare is offering the opportunity for married chayalim to join the community at no cost.

If you know a married chayal, you can submit a request to be added to the LifeShare community for no cost.

When we receive a sponsorship, the soldier and their spouse will receive a Sponsorship Code and a LifeShare registration link  via email.

Once successfully enrolled, the soldier’s family will be eligible to receive up to $250,000 in the tragic event of the soldier’s passing, G-d forbid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To qualify, the chayal must be married and be under the age of 65 with no severe health conditions.