The only crowdfunding
community protecting families
before an unexpected loss.

Together, we can act
before tragedy strikes.

Crisis Campaigns are Broken.

Countless families are left financially helpless following the sudden or unexpected death of a parent.

Urgent fundraising campaigns that ensue often fail, causing immense stress for the family and the community, with unpredictable and inadequate results.


What if we could prepare NOW,

before the tragedy,

before the panic? 

Enter LifeShare:

Protecting Families Today, Before Tomorrow’s Unexpected Death.

Lifeshare is the first global Jewish crowdfunding community where members commit financial support to one-another, BEFORE a tragic death. In just 3 minutes you can join LifeShare and protect your family – and the community.

Rabbinic Advisors

"Out of the many ideas and organizations and initiatives, I think LifeShare is the best. I strongly encourage you all to be part of this great chessed.”
Rav Asher Weiss
Rosh Kollel of Machon Minchas Osher L’Torah V’Horaah, Jerusalem
"I commend the developers of LifeShare. It is a phenomenal idea and I urge everyone to join in and be part of this initiative."
Rav Hershel Schachter
Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary
"I am absolutely overwhelmed by the chiddush of LifeShare. I am encouraging each and every one of you to be a part of this community.”
Rav Moshe Weinberger
Aish Kodesh, Woodmere

How does it work?

LifeShare’s mutual-aid arrangement is so simple, there are no more excuses for families to remain unprotected.



Register online, answer a brief health questionnaire, and pay a $40 annual membership fee.


Mutual-Aid Commitment.

Members commit to make a one-time, $32 co-payment, ONLY upon the death of a fellow community member.

$0 fixed monthly costs!


The Payout.

In the unfortunate event of a member’s passing, their family will receive up to $250,000 within 72 hours of death verification. That’s it!

Why LifeShare?


In times of tragedy, help is needed—fast. We remove the difficulty and embarrassment of needing to urgently raise money from scratch.


The ultimate Tzedakah is ensuring others are protected in cases of tragedy and loss.


A deep commitment to protecting your family and reinforcing communities from within.

Together, we can eliminate uncertainty, protect the community, and support families when they need it the most.

Cancel at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are reimagining an old, inefficient paradigm, so naturally there are questions:

How much does it cost? Can I join at any age? Is this life insurance? What exactly is a community?

You’ve got questions, we’ve go answers.

Because LifeShare is not an insurance company, there are no fixed monthly costs or premiums. Your only financial responsibility is to make a mutual-aid co-payment upon the death of a fellow community member. How much you pay depends on your end-of-life payout selection. If you would like your family to receive $100,000 upon your passing, you will make a $14 contribution when another community member passes away. If you select the $250,000 payout, you will pay $32 per death. Based on projections, we estimate less than one payment per month.

When you join LifeShare, you’re not buying coverage in the traditional sense. You are joining a community of peers who have committed to making payments to your family upon your passing. Your family will be entitled to receive a one-time, tax-free payout of either $100,000 or $250,000, based on your selection when you join. We expect to make all payouts within 48 hours of death verification.

If you already have life insurance, that’s great! But you should absolutely still join LifeShare so you can participate in supporting the community and making mutual-aid contributions in the event of another member’s death. Our goal is take a measured, proactive approach to community support, rather than waiting for the death of a member and then running a frantic campaign after the fact. And we also offer the opportunity to sponsor other members.