Our Soldiers Help Ensure Our Security.

Let's Ensure Theirs.

Sponsor the LifeShare membership of a soldier and help secure their family with up to $250,000 of financial aid in the event of a tragic loss, G-d forbid.​

Our soldiers are sacrificing everything, leaving their families behind, to protect us, so we can live in security.

It is time we repay their sacrifice by sponsoring their membership in the LifeShare community, providing their family with financial security.

In the tragic event of the soldier’s passing, G-d forbid, their family will be eligible to receive a cash payout of up to $250,000.

What is LifeShare?

LifeShare is a global, online Jewish community where members commit to provide financial support to each other in the event of a tragic loss of one of its members. Supported by leading rabbis and professionals across the Jewish world, it is a new strategy to help families grapple with financial uncertainty following a loss.

How does it work?

  1. If you want to sponsor a specific soldier, click the “Suggest a Soldier” button below after submitting your payment. If not, LifeShare will assign one to you.
  2. Pay $250 per year,  per soldier you sponsor. ($250 = $250,000 protection)
  3. The fee renews annually; cancel at any time.
  4. Enter your credit card information below.

PLEASE NOTE: You are encouraged to join LifeShare too! Provide your family and other members of your community with financial security. Click the “JOIN THE COMMUNITY” button in the top menu.

Please select the number of soldiers you would like to sponsor below.